the universe made me, so i matter…right?

I sat down to do my daily (more like monthly) meditation. My brain has been spinning since the revelations I learned last night about my relationship with my grandfather. I don’t feel like I know myself anymore.

The Lord and Lady showed up pretty quickly after I started my meditation timer. It was instant hugs of comfort and understanding. We sat together in the grass, the Lord took my face in his hands and reminded me that:

“The Universe made you. The idea of you was so powerful We brought all the pieces together, from every corner of the Universe and beyond, and made the unique and beautiful person that is you. And no matter what, you are loved, without question or limit. Even in the darkest depths, your soul, your heart, is the only light you need. You are you and that is perfect.”

I’m not sure I have ever felt this connection to them before. They have always been there, but now they are truly here with me.

Daily Divination

It’s no surprise that I pulled the Honey Bee card from my new Liminal Spirits Oracle. One message of the Honey Bee is about communication within a tribe or family. It’s also about about unique place in our family structures and finding joy in the work we do. I think Honey Bee is here to help me find my place in the hive.

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